Our member companies span the full value chain of ammonia energy, from decarbonized hydrogen and ammonia production, through safety, distribution, and trading, to power generation and energy storage.  Our members include technology licensors, EPC firms, energy majors, maritime shipping lines, electricity and gas utilities, fertilizer producers, chemicals manufacturers, and project developers looking to produce future fuels.

What connects all of these companies is an interest in the decarbonization of ammonia production and its use as a sustainable energy commodity.

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Conferences & Webinars

Ammonia Energy Conferences offer attendees the opportunity to learn from and network with key technology and project developers. We host annual events in Australia and the United States, and we partner with other event organizers to support global programming all year round.

Our annual conferences also include workshops and committee meetings for AEA Members, bringing our members together and setting the agenda for the Ammonia Energy Association moving forward.

In addition to our annual conferences, we produce monthly webinars on topics of low-carbon ammonia production and the use of ammonia as a maritime fuel.

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The AEA is seeking to facilitate the establishment of a globally harmonised Certification Scheme for Ammonia (the Certification Scheme) to support the development of a market for low- and zero-carbon ammonia.

While this initiative is led by AEA Members, the success of the Certification Scheme will depend on the participation of many strategic partners (AEA non-members) who will play crucial roles both in informing the design phase and in supporting the adoption phase.

To enable this, we have published a Discussion Paper designed to illustrate our initial thinking around an Ammonia Certification Scheme and stimulate discussion of its potential merits, limitations, and design details. The AEA invites any interested organization to provide feedback through this Certification Survey.

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Latest Articles

First Ammonia announces deal for 5GW of Topsoe electrolysers

US-based First Ammonia has announced a new reservation deal with Topsoe for delivery of solid-oxide electrolysers. Initially, First Ammonia will purchase 500 MW of SOECs from Topsoe’s new manufacturing plant in Herning, Denmark, with the option to expand to 5 GW over the lifetime of the agreement. That initial 500 MW will be deployed over two First Ammonia production projects, both targeting commercial operations in 2025: one in northern Germany, and one in southwest USA.

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New ammonia import & export terminals

At Vlissingen in the Netherlands, Uniper & Vesta Terminals will explore the feasibility of developing a new ammonia import hub in northwest Europe, based on Vesta’s existing 60,000m3 ammonia storage facility. Also this week, Proton Ventures is currently developing a state-of-the-art ammonia export terminal for an oil & gas major in the UAE, which will feature the “biggest ammonia tanks ever built in the Middle East”.

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KBR: ammonia-powered offshore drilling

KBR, Odfjell, Equinor and Wärtsilä will all collaborate to study conversion of diesel generators on board semi-submersible, offshore drilling vessels to ammonia-fueled generators. On-board power for equipment and heavy machinery on these vessels is typically provided by fossil-fed generators. As fuel costs increase, operators are looking to new energy solutions including offshore wind and alternative fuels like hydrogen & ammonia.

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Innovation Outlook: Renewable Ammonia

Innovation Outlook: Renewable Ammonia