Who We Are

The Ammonia Energy Association is the global agent of collective action for the ammonia energy industry by creating, collecting, organizing, and disseminating relevant knowledge for the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. 

Originally, our work consisted of convincing people that ammonia could be used for energy at all. Now, companies and governments across the globe are analyzing ammonia within their portfolio of clean energy technologies. 

A greater challenge confronts us as we aim to accelerate the pace at which clean ammonia energy is created. We are scaling up our work to match the technological readiness, political necessity, social imperative, and commercial opportunity for ammonia energy. 

Join us and help us accelerate the adoption of clean ammonia energy within a sustainable energy economy.


Our member companies span the full value chain of ammonia energy, from decarbonized hydrogen and ammonia production, through safety and distribution, to power generation and  energy storage. 

What connects all of these companies is an interest in the use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy.


The Ammonia Energy Conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn from and network with key technology and project developers.

Beyond presenting the latest technical information, the event ultimately aims to accelerate the adoption of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy, with additional programming exclusively for AEA Members, and with the workshops of the Implementation Conference focused on setting the agenda for the Ammonia Energy Association moving forward.

Latest Articles

The Ammonia Transition: panel wrap-up from the Ammonia Energy Conference

What key challenges lie ahead as ammonia producers embark on the transition to low and zero-carbon ammonia? What are the big producers already doing to smooth and later accelerate this transition? On November 19, 2020, the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) hosted a panel discussion moderated by Steve Crolius from Carbon Neutral Consulting, as well as panel members Sammy van den Broeck from Yara, Ashraf Malik from CF Industries, and Trevor Williams from Nutrien as part of the recent Ammonia Energy Conference.

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Japan’s Road Map for Fuel Ammonia

This month, the Japanese Ministry for Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) began promoting an updated Road Map for Fuel Ammonia, focused on the use of ammonia in thermal power plants and as a shipping fuel. By 2030, Japan expects to import 3 million tons of clean ammonia, with demand rising to 30 million tons by 2050. To secure these volumes, Japanese companies are now making investments up and down the supply chain.

These are ambitious numbers, matching Japan’s recent commitment to reach net-zero emissions, but still they miss the big picture. The broader economic opportunity arrives when Japanese companies export their fuel ammonia technologies, decarbonizing coal-fired power plants across Asia, and then supply the fuel to these newly sustainable shipping and electricity sectors. By 2050, the METI Road Map expects Japanese trading companies to supply the wider region with 100 million tons per year of clean ammonia.

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The Ammonia Wrap: EU ambitions, new tankers, and GW scale green ammonia in Denmark, Norway, and Chile

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. In this week’s wrap: HyDeal Ambition, new marine tankers, fuel forecasts & SOFC developments, a new technical briefing on power generation, UNSW leads research in P2X, GWs of green ammonia in Denmark, Norway and Chile, green ammonia in the Orkneys, new government focus on ammonia in South Africa, and India to make green ammonia production mandatory?

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