500 tonnes per day hydro-ammonia in Quebec

Hydro-ammonia for maritime fuel

The Canadian subsidiary of Hy2gen is looking to develop a green ammonia project in Quebec, dubbed “Courant,” catering to the “maritime mobility sector.” Hy2gen’s focus on maritime fuels is not surprising – commodities giant Trafigura is one of the organisation’s largest shareholders.

In an interview with local press (French language), Hy2gen Canada President Cyril Dufau-Sansot said work on the project would begin in 2022, with the plant fully operational by 2025. Land for the facility (location undisclosed) is already secured, with work on the FEED (front-end engineering design) to begin very soon. Discussions with provincial and federal governments to secure financial aid are ongoing. All told, the 500 tonne per day, 200 MW hydro-powered facility will be very similar to a proposed Hy2gen project in Norway, Dufau-Sansot said.

Project features

According the Hy2gen’s website, features of the Quebec “Courant” project include:

  • construction over a 30 month period (starting in 2022 for commencement of operations in 2025),
  • powering of the electrolysis units (alkaline or PEM) will be via hydro-electricity,
  • Air Separation Units (ASU) powered by hydro-electricity will provide nitrogen feedstock, and
  • produced green ammonia will be shipped from a deep sea harbor on the east coast of Canada.

Hy2gen’s Canadian plant will be its first, but the company aims to follow this with “other plants in France, Mexico, Norway and South Africa.”

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