ACME planning million-tonne-per-year renewable ammonia plant in India

Karnataka, southwest India

Click to learn more about ACME Group’s new renewable ammonia project in Karnataka, India.
Click to learn more about ACME Group’s new renewable ammonia project in Karnataka, India.

ACME Group and the Government of Karnataka have signed a new MoU for a renewable hydrogen & ammonia project in southwest India. Nearly $7 billion will be invested in the project, which will feature a 1.2 million tonne per year ammonia plant and a significant “captive” solar power installation (ie. not grid-connected). The project will be operational by 2027, though it wasn’t indicated whether construction will proceed in phases, or what capacity will be achieved by that time.

We are delighted to partner with the State of Karnataka in developing one of the largest and earliest green ammonia projects in the world. We will be a formidable player in accelerating the adoption of the green fuel globally. We are grateful to the Government of Karnataka for their vision in building the State as a Green Hydrogen hub and extending their full support to this project.

ACME Group Founder & Chairman Manoj Upadhyay in his organisation’s official press release, 6 June 2022

Duqm & Rajasthan

Karnataka joins a pair of contrasting renewable ammonia projects led by ACME. At pilot-scale, the Rajasthan hydrogen & ammonia plant in India is powered by 5 MW of solar generation. At mega-scale, the Duqm plant in Oman will produce 1.2 million tonnes of renewable ammonia per year at full capacity (100,000 tonnes per year in the first phase).

ACME & NYK Line: renewable ammonia shipping

And in late May, ACME reported that it had signed a new MoU with Japan-based NYK Line for the latter to become the “strategic shipping partner” for its ammonia projects, linking international customers directly to its renewable products.

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