ACME to supply renewable ammonia to IHI in Japan

400,000 tons per year from Odisha project

ACME and IHI executives (in the presence of Indian Energy Minister RK Singh) sign the offtake agreement. Source: ACME Group.
Click to learn more. ACME and IHI executives (in the presence of Indian Energy Minister RK Singh) sign the offtake agreement. Source: ACME Group.

ACME and IHI have signed an offtake agreement for the supply of renewable ammonia from the pair’s under-development production plant in Odisha, eastern India. On a “long-term basis”, 400,000 tons per year will be transported, with production anticipated from the first phase to begin in 2027. The announcement also indicates that the pair will work across the full ammonia value chain, including logistics. At full capacity, the Odisha project will have a capacity of up to 1.3 million tons per year of renewable ammonia.

India is well positioned to develop renewable resources and produce competitive green molecules for export as well as domestic consumption in applications which are otherwise difficult to decarbonise.

Ashwani Dudeja, President and Director, ACME Group in his organisation’s official press release, 24 Jan 2024

This agreement builds upon our earlier MoU with ACME and represents the strong relationship and alignment between the two companies in developing the market for this new generation fuel.

Jun Kobayashi, Director and Managing Executive Officer, IHI Corporation in ACME’s official press release, 24 Jan 2024

In an interview with media outlet S&P Global, ACME Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Group President & Director Ashwani Dudeja confirmed work had begun on the first phase of the Odisha project. He also confirmed that ACME’s successful bid for renewable hydrogen incentives from the Indian government (recently awarded as part of the first round of subsidies under the SIGHT program) would be utilized in Odisha.

More Indian production projects announced

Also announced this month:

  • INOX Air Products and the state government of Maharashtra have signed an agreement to develop a $3 billion, 500,000 tons per year renewable ammonia plant.
  • National utility NTPC will develop a million ton per year renewable plant (also in the state of Maharashtra), as well as 2 GW of pumped hydro and 5 GW of renewable generating projects in western India.
  • Avaada Group will develop 6 GW of hybrid wind and solar projects in Gujarat. Power will be delivered to the grid, as well as Avaada’s under-development renewable ammonia mega-project.