ACWA Power and POSCO join forces on ammonia

Click to learn more about the new announcements from ACWA Power and POSCO.
Click to learn more about the new announcements from ACWA Power and POSCO.

Saudi-based ACWA Power and South Korean-based POSCO will join forces to develop new hydrogen and ammonia production projects, with an eye towards decarbonising POSCO’s power generation and steel making activities in South Korea. POSCO has already declared its ambition to ramp up production of renewable hydrogen, and has set a production goal of 500,000 tonnes by 2030. ACWA is already engaged in several ammonia mega-projects: in Salalah, Oman (with OQ and Air Products), and of course the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia (also with Air Products).

With tangible project commitments in Saudi Arabia and Oman, ACWA Power is at the forefront of scaling up green hydrogen, whose output—ammonia—will lead to the outcome of decarbonising entire industries, including hard to abate industrial activities like steel manufacturing.

ACWA Power Vice Chairman and CEO Paddy Padmanathan in his organisation’s official press release, 19 July 2022

South Korean ammonia

It’s been a big year for ammonia announcement out of South Korea:

For all things South Korea and ammonia, make sure to register for the 2nd Korean Green Ammonia Conference, with the proceedings from Daejeon to be streamed live online. The Korean Institute of Energy Research is hosting the event on Friday 26 August.

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