Ammonia as a Grid-Supporting Energy Storage Solution

In the last 12 months …

We have seen repeated enunciations of a compelling logic chain: electricity generated by wind-based and photovoltaic systems is manifesting ever-more competitive economics; the greater the share of electricity generated by intermittently active resources, the greater will be the need for complementary energy storage systems; chemical forms of “X” in the power-to-X (P2X) stored-electricity construct will surely have a role to play in long-term, large-scale energy storage; ammonia may be the most advantageous chemical for such storage.

Click to enlarge.  One possible ammonia-oriented P2X scheme.  Courtesy of Renewable Hydrogen Pty, Ltd. August 2018.

This logic chain was directly stated or clearly implied in several Ammonia Energy stories throughout the year.  A key story on a comparative survey by the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization in Australia noted that ammonia has a higher round-trip energy efficiency than liquid hydrogen or methanol.  Several other posts cited potential deployment situations, such as offshore wind farms, where ammonia could link a remote generating resource with distant markets.

The stampede to renewable generation, already underway, will only accelerate as more sophisticated systems are conceived and implemented.  Ammonia seems destined to become an integral element of the renewables-based electricity sector.

Ammonia Energy reporting since last year

A year in review

To mark the second anniversary of Ammonia Energy, we are reviewing the most important stories from the last 12 months. This “top ten” list spans two areas: five are significant advances that build on activities that were already underway in 2017, and five are new developments that emerged decisively this year.

Significant advances:

  • Ammonia as a Grid-Supporting Energy Storage Solution
  • Ammonia as a Hydrogen Carrier for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Maritime Industry Quantifies Potential of Ammonia Fuel to Decarbonize Shipping
  • Ammonia as a Direct Fuel for Alkaline and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Great Strides in NH3 Commitment and Progress in Australia

New developments:

  • Green Ammonia Plants, Commercially Available Today
  • Ammonia Is Taken Up by Wide-Circulation Media
  • Targets, Limits, Pledges, Bans: Enforcing the Transition to Sustainable Energy
  • Affiliated NH3 Groups Become a Force for Advocacy
  • Fossil Energy Companies Turn to Ammonia
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