Ammonia for grid-scale power: Nuon, Gasunie, and Statoil

A new collaboration was announced last week, between Dutch power company Nuon, European natural gas pipeline operator Gasunie, and Norwegian oil major Statoil. The joint venture will look at converting one of the Magnum power plant’s three 440 MW gas turbines, with hopes to have it running on hydrogen fuel by 2023.

This is the continuation of the Power to Ammonia project and, although ammonia is not expected to be used in this particular stage of the project, converting Magnum to hydrogen fuel represents the “intermediate step” to demonstrate that “where hydrogen could be produced using natural gas by 2023, from the year 2030 it could be possible to produce it with sustainably produced ammonia … Ammonia then effectively serves as a storage medium for hydrogen, making Magnum a super battery.”

I’ve written extensively about Power to Ammonia over the last few months, including a focus on the Nuon business case and the feasibility study’s assessment of ammonia synthesis technologies. All of which were central to the recent Power to Ammonia conference in Rotterdam, in May 2017. This latest announcement moves the project forward in significant steps, with serious partners.

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