AmmPower to bring ammonia energy solutions to Brazil

Layout of the under-development Porto Central.
Click to learn more. Layout of the under-development Porto Central. Source: AmmPower.

Canadian organisation AmmPower signed a new MoU this week with Porto Central – a consortium currently developing an industrial, deep water port complex in Brazil. Under the agreement, AmmPower will develop a port-adjacent green ammonia production facility, as well as associated transport and distribution infrastructure.

Shipping fuel, replacing ammonia imports in Brazil

The primary use for green ammonia from the facility will be shipping fuel. And, there is the possibility it could partly replace Brazilian ammonia imports:

Porto Central is strategically located at the centre of the Brazilian east coast in the Southeast Region of Brazil, which represents over 65% of the country’s total GDP, near to the strongest production center and with a market of over 100 million consumers. AmmPower will be able to supply ammonia for a variety of uses, including energy infrastructure, the movement of Hydrogen, fuel for the marine industry, and fertilizer for Brazil’s huge agricultural requirements. Currently Brazil imports 90% of its fertilizer, and AmmPower seeks to help create increased self-sufficiency in the agricultural space and food industry.

AmmPower press release, 26 July 2021

Porto Central’s liquid bulk terminal (to be known as “Porto Central Energy Terminal”) was originally designed for the import and distribution of oil products and LNG. AmmPower’s involvement now means clean hydrogen and ammonia will also move through the terminal, and allow Porto Central to establish a Green Energy Hub within the port complex.

More from AmmPower

It’s been a busy 2021 for the Canadian start-up. In April AmmPower signed a research deal with Process Research Ortech to develop an improved green ammonia synthesis process in a twenty-week program. In June, AmmPower announced it was looking for a facility in Detroit to manufacture modular green ammonia synthesis units. The organisation is also venturing into lithium extraction in Canada.

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