Arranged launches DualTower website, expands to DualSolar

MEMBER NEWS: AEA Member Arranged BVBA has launched a new website for its green ammonia concept, the DualTower. The new site discloses a series of updates on the technology since we first wrote about this project in early 2018, and it also expands the concept in a new direction, introducing the DualSolar.

Click to visit. Arranged BVBA, Dualtower website, accessed December 2019.

Dualtower is an inventive concept of a tower for wind turbines. It combines a new method of building a tower structure with the possibility to store hydrogen gas in the tanks (vessels) of the tower structure. 

We can do this through the use of CPVs — Constructive Pressure Vessels — for the tower structure … The evolution of the CPV is the dCPV. Duplex CPV, one zone contains the hydrogen gas another zone contains nitrogen gas. This way, we have solved nearly all remarks that came up when we disclosed that we are going to store hydrogen gas in a tower structure. For all the difficulties [with] hydrogen, like steel embrittlement, sealing issues, and hydrogen gas permeation, the duplex CPVs (dCPV) are the ultimate solution …

Connected with the DualSolar dCPV is an Ammonia synthesis (NH3), due to the buffering of the hydrogen/nitrogen gas, the Ammonia production can run 24/7, 365 days, which is a massive benefit for the total efficiency. Truly green solar ammonia! 

Arranged BVBA, DualTower website, accessed December 2019

The website also includes a useful FAQ section, which begins by addressing the question on everybody’s mind:

Can we place orders for Dualtowers?
Unfortunately, no. We are still in concept stage, working hard to bring it to prototyping. If all works well we expect to install the first Dualtower in 2023.

Arranged BVBA, DualTower website, accessed December 2019
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