CWP Global plans new supergiant in Djibouti

Click to learn more about the new announcement, with a new ammonia supergiant planned in the African nation of Djibouti.
Click to learn more about the new announcement, with a new ammonia supergiant planned in the African nation of Djibouti.

CWP and Djibouti’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources have agreed to develop a 10 GW renewable energy hub in the African Republic, which will power the production of renewable hydrogen & derivatives like ammonia. The new project aligns with the Djibouti government’s Vision 2035: a strategic roadmap for the country to transform its economy and tap its significant renewable energy resources. Currently, Djibouti relies on electricity imports from neighboring Ethiopia, and access to grid power is far below the global average.

In the project announcement, CWP notes that the new supergiant will help realise access to “cleaner and more secure energy supplies”, potentially help the creation of new export industries for the country, and provide more secure access to potable water for local communities. This last beneficial aspect was also raised in our recent webinar exploring CWP’s supergiant projects in Mauritania and Morocco.

Recent discussions with President H.E. Ismail Omar Guelleh, and our work so far with the Minister for Energy in Charge of Natural Resources, H.E. Mr Yonis Ali Guedi and his team, have confirmed our alignment and shared vision for a pioneering 10GW renewable energy hub with the capacity to diversify Djibouti’s energy mix, provide secure potable water supplies to local communities, further develop local and regional agriculture, and open the door to emerging international markets for green hydrogen and derivatives, including green ammonia.

It is also critical to us that the project is aligned with Djibouti’s “Vision 2035” economic plan, which prioritizes closer cooperation with regional neighbors, including Ethiopia, where there is great scope for collaboration on green energy, and an opportunity to build a thriving new commercial hub at the mouth of the Red Sea.

CWP Global Chairman Mark Crandall in his organisation’s official press release, 6 Dec 2022

Updates from Australia: a name rebrand, and CWP Renewables bought by Andrew Forrest

The 26 GW AREH in Western Australia has now become the Australian Renewable Energy Hub. After assuming a majority stake and operatorship in June, bp have been focusing on community and First Nations engagement. Initial development stages will prioritise local demand for renewable electrons and hydrogen, with export phases (and ammonia) to come after.

And Squadron Energy – Andrew Forrest’s renewable energy development company – announced this week that it will acquire CWP Renewables (an Australia-based offshoot of CWP Global established in 2007). The deal will see Squadron become the largest renewable energy player in Australia, as it adds CWP Renewables’ 1-plus GW of installed capacity and multi GW project pipeline to its portfolio.

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