CWP Global taps Bechtel to help develop African ammonia projects

Click to learn more. CWP Global’s under-development ammonia Supergiant projects in Africa: AMUN in Morocco, and AMAN in Mauritania. Source: CWP Global.

CWP Global has selected US-based engineering organisation Bechtel to support the development of large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia facilities in northwest Africa. Amongst its significant portfolio of projects, CWP Global is leading development of two Supergiants in the region: the AMAN project in Mauritania (30 GW hybrid wind + solar, 10 million tonnes renewable ammonia per year), and the AMUN project in Morocco (15 GW hybrid wind +solar, renewable hydrogen for fertilisers).

In the announcement, the partners note the unique design challenges facing projects in northwest Africa, particularly sustainable water practices: source water for electrolyser consumption, cooling water for plant processes and disposal of wastewater post-production.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bechtel…Their technological and scientific expertise will allow us to accelerate the next stage of project development, and keep us on the right track to deliver the first million tons of green hydrogen and ammonia by 2028, helping CWP Global support the decarbonization of key global industries on the road to net zero.

CWP Global CEO Alex Hewitt in Bechtel’s official press release, 21 Apr 2022

Wood to engineer Chile, UAE projects

In other engineering news, Total Eren has selected UK-based Wood to develop the production complex for its H2 Magallanes project: 10 GW wind capacity, 8 GW electrolysis, desalination plant, ammonia plant and export facilities. Wood is also involved in two other significant ammonia energy projects:

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