Enova funding for three ammonia players: Yara, Horisont & Viridis

Enova – Norway’s government-owned, clean energy investment enterprise – announced funding for three ammonia energy players in December. Totaling more than US$70 million, the funding will support some key projects currently in progress.

Yara: electrifying Herøya (Porsgrunn)

Yara's industrial complex in  Herøya , where the green ammonia pilot plant will be built. Source: Yara.
Click to learn more. Yara’s industrial complex in Herøya , where the green ammonia pilot plant will be built thanks to new Enova funding. Source: Yara.

Yara’s plans for electrification of their Porsgrunn ammonia plant took some big steps last year. Statkraft and Aker Horizons joined as project partners, before the trio formed a new corporate entity responsible for the project (HEGRA). Now, Enova funding has guaranteed a final investment decision for the pilot phase of the project, with a 24 MW electrolyser plant to be built capable of producing 20,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year (and in the process abating 5% of Porsgrunn’s annual carbon emissions).

The project aims to supply the first green ammonia products to the market as early as mid-2023, both as fossil free fertilizer, as well as fuel for ships. We move from good intentions to actions, the investment decision has been made and the project begins now.

Magnus Ankarstrand, Director of Yara Clean Ammonia in Yara’s official press release, 17 Dec 2021

Horisont Energi: Barents Blue plant

Thanks to new Enova funding, the Barents Blue project will participate in the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) Hydrogen scheme. Plans for the million tonne per year blue ammonia plant moved quickly last year: the original project tripled in size, gained new partners and signed multiple cooperation agreements – in particular an agreement with the Port of Rotterdam to scope future blue ammonia imports.

Being selected for IPCEI is a testimony to the significant potential, ambition and innovative nature of the Barents Blue project, which we aim to make the most environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient and energy-efficient ammonia plant in the world. Barents Blue can serve as a major contributor to achieving European technological leadership in hydrogen and allowing European companies to take the lead in the emerging global market for hydrogen.

Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen, CEO of Horisont Energi in Horisont’s official press release, 17 Dec 2021

Viridis Bulk Carriers: building ammonia-powered vessels

And Viridis Bulk Carriers will receive a to-be-determined amount from Enova to develop the first ammonia-powered cargo short sea bulk vessel (Norwegian language) in its future fleet. $1 million has already been awarded from Pilot-E, a related Norwegian government scheme. Viridis’ ultimate vision is a ammonia-powered, short-sea cargo shipping fleet that works across northern Europe.

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