Feeding Life 2030: the vision of Fertilizers Europe

Fertilizers Europe published an important report in late 2018 that examines key drivers for the fertilizer industry and describes the “likely developments expected between now and 2030.” These developments include producing “perhaps 10%” of European ammonia from renewable electricity by using electrolyzers to generate renewable hydrogen feedstock. This would require scaling up green ammonia production capacity to more than a million tons per year, within ten years.

The report, Feeding Life 2030, also describes the policy framework required “to sustain the Vision.” In this vision, ammonia sits at “the crossroads of nutrition and energy” and is recognized as “the ‘missing link’ in the coming energy transformation.”

This Vision illustrates our industry’s forward-looking approach in addressing societal challenges. It aims to facilitate dialogue with key stakeholders on the future role of our industry … and to maintain a strong industrial base while moving towards a decarbonised society …

Europe is forging ahead with the transition to clean energy, and is relying increasingly on renewable energy sources. We are a part of this drive. The nitrogen fertilizers industry as a producer of ammonia offers the key to unlocking clean energy potential by acting as a carbon-free energy storage medium.
Javier Goñi del Cacho, CEO of Fertiberia and President of Fertilizers Europe, Introduction to Feeding Life 2030, Fertilizers Europe, November 2018

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