Fertiberia: low-carbon fertilizer alliances with Heineken, PepsiCo

Electrolytic hydrogen & ammonia core parts of emerging supply chains

Fertiberia and PepsiCo executives at the launch of the green fertilizers pilot program in June. Source: Fertiberia.
Click to learn more. Fertiberia and PepsiCo executives at the launch of the green fertilizers pilot program in June. Source: Fertiberia.

Fertiberia’s low-carbon fertilizer has been successfully utilised in pilot programs by Heineken and PepsiCo this year. “Green fertilizer” produced at Fertiberia’s Puertollano plant has been used on barley & potato crops in Spain, drastically reducing overall agricultural emissions and paving the way for future supply chains. Both Heineken and PepsiCo are aiming to reduce agricultural emissions from their product supply chains (beer & potato crisps respectively), and intend to scale-up the use of green fertilizer, based on the success of the 2023 pilot programs.

In this project, Grupo Fertiberia brings its Impact Zero crop nutrition solutions, which contribute to reducing the carbon footprint thanks to the use of green hydrogen and which also include another series of biotechnological innovations to ensure maximum agricultural and environmental efficiency.

Javier Goñi, CEO of Fertiberia in his organisation’s official press release, 15 Sept 2023

Thanks to this alliance, brands such as Heineken®, Cruzcampo, Amstel and El Águila will be the first to bring this agricultural innovation to the Spanish market: beers made from malting barley with a low carbon footprint.

Fertiberia press release on Heineken partnership, 15 Sept 2023

We are very proud to announce this green fertiliser pilot programme together with Fertiberia to reduce the emissions associated with fertilisers and, consequently, emissions from agriculture which account for a high percentage of our total emissions. This initiative complements others that we are already carrying out to regenerate the land and make it more fertile through regenerative agriculture practices.

Ángel Alonso, PepsiCo Agricultural Director for Southwest Europe in Fertiberia’s official press release, 27 June 2023

Fertiberia’s Impact Zero product line is based on electrolytic hydrogen & ammonia produced at Puertollano – a project very familiar to readers at Ammonia Energy. The new line of low-carbon fertilizers fits into Fertiberia’s net-zero by 2035 target, which falls in line with the Science-Based Targets initiative being adopted by significant industry players. The rest of Fertiberia’s production centers in Spain are set to be fed with renewable hydrogen and ammonia feedstock in the coming years, thanks to a series of ongoing decarbonisation projects: Onuba (Palos de la Frontera), Catalina (Sagunto) and HyDeal (Avilés). Fertiberia is also working on project Green Wolverine in Sweden, and the Barents Blue project in Norway, where they are now a 50:50 development partner.

Click to watch (Spanish language). Representatives from Fertiberia and Heineken Spain tour the Puertollano plant where electrolytic hydrogen & ammonia feedstocks produce Fertiberia’s new product line: Impact Zero. Source: Grupo Fertiberia YouTube channel.

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