First Ammonia, Uniper to cooperate on Texas production project

Click to learn more about the new partnership between First Ammonia and Uniper.
Click to learn more about the new partnership between First Ammonia and Uniper.

First Ammonia’s renewable ammonia project at the Port of Victoria, Texas has taken another step, with commodity giant Uniper joining as project partner. From 2026, the facility will use renewable electricity from Texas’ grid to produce hydrogen via solid oxide electrolysis, and then ammonia via the conventional Haber Bosch process. Heat integrations between the ammonia synthesis loop and the SOECs will assist with energy efficiency for the overall process. First Ammonia reports that each 100 MW electrolyser “module” will produce up to 100,000 tonnes of ammonia per year, with rapid scaling of the project to occur.

We are excited to partner with Uniper to deliver green ammonia to the global market from our 100% carbon-free, innovative flagship project in Texas. This groundbreaking project brings together Texan renewable electricity with the flexibility of cutting-edge electrolyzers from our technology partner Topsoe in Denmark, the local knowledge and support of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation, and now the global perspective of Uniper as a front runner in the transition towards greener gases. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Uniper.

First Ammonia’s CEO, Joel Moser in his organisation’s official press release, 31 Oct 2023

Our focus on greener gases will allow Uniper’s customers to switch from carbon-intensive ammonia to green and blue ammonia and thus avoiding a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The planned cooperation with First Ammonia and their technology partner Topsoe is a further and novel step into securing a diversified, flexible, and optimal supply of renewable molecules for North America and Europe. With our pioneering project development, our near-term goal is to become a supplier of choice for the industries using ammonia as a feedstock. Next to engaging in a range of global clean ammonia projects Uniper is actively pursuing projects to develop ammonia landing terminals and related infrastructure in European ports including at its German terminal in Wilhelmshaven.

Uniper’s Chief Commercial Officer Carsten Poppinga in First Ammonia’s official press release, 31 Oct 2023

The project began in 2022 with a partnership between First Ammonia and Topsoe. First Ammonia has reserved up to 5 GW-worth of solid oxide electrolyser units from Topsoe’s new manufacturing plant in Herning, Denmark.

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