Flexible ammonia fuel bunkering terminals under development

Illustration of the shore-based bunkering option.
Click to learn more. Illustration of the shore-based bunkering option. Source: Amon Maritime.

ECONNECT Energy and Amon Maritime launched a new joint venture this week – Azane Fuel Solutions. According to the official press release, the new organisation aims to fill a current gap in the ammonia fuel value chain by developing new floating and shore-based ammonia ship bunkering infrastructure technology.

The new solutions will be capable of receiving fuel from ships, trucks and barges, in refrigerated or pressurised state and be optimised for ammonia-fueled ships.

Our shore-based option is ideal for industrial ports and supply bases, allowing direct ship bunkering alongside the quay, or transfer to a bunkering barge. Larger versions of the system can also function as bunkering storage terminals, serving a fleet of bunkering vessels.

Our floating option is flexible and mobile, and thus ideal for the early years of the shift to ammonia fuel, when the first vessels may have to bring their own bunkering station to their most common ports of call. A floating bunkering terminal will retain its flexibility, and will be useful also to bunker ships at anchorage.

Azane Fuel Solutions press release, 16 July 2021

ECONNECT Energy launched in 2012 as an LNG-focused organisation, but has made recent pivots towards ammonia fuel solutions. Amon Maritime is the organisation behind Viridis Bulk Carriers, who recently launched their vision for an ammonia-powered shipping network in Northern Europe.

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