Fortescue ammonia announcements in India and New Zealand

Fortescue Future Industries and JSW Energy will partner up to explore opportunities to develop green hydrogen projects in India. Under the new agreement:

FFI and JSW Energy will collaborate and conduct scoping work on potential projects relating to the production of green hydrogen and explore opportunities to utilise it for green steel making, hydrogen mobility, green ammonia and other mutually agreed industrial applications in India.

FFI CEO, Julie Shuttleworth says “FFI’s goal is to become the world’s leading fully renewable energy and green products company. The world’s transition to a renewable energy future represents a major growth opportunity and there will be many important markets for green hydrogen in the coming decade. Collaborating with JSW Energy provides an exciting opportunity to explore India’s renewable energy and green hydrogen market and positively contribute to India’s decarbonisation ambitions.

Fortescue press release on new partnership with JSW Energy, 29 July 2021

Green hydrogen and ammonia to help India decarbonise

As reported at Ammonia Energy earlier this year, the mandatory use of green hydrogen and ammonia to decarbonise industrial processes in India is under consideration by the current national government. COVID has interrupted developments, but more details are expected to emerge when India’s “National Hydrogen Energy Mission” is finalised later this year.

Another green mega-project for Southland, New Zealand?

Tiwai Point Aluminum Smelter, the possible location for green hydrogen production in Southland, NZ.
Click to learn more about Fortescue’s new collaboration. Tiwai Point Aluminum Smelter, the possible location for green hydrogen production in Southland, NZ. Source: NZ Aluminium Smelters.

And a week after we reported on the Southern Green Hydrogen project in southern New Zealand, Fortescue have just announced a new collaboration in the region. They will work with the local Māori community (Murihiku Hapu of Ngāi Tahu) on a proposal to construct a large-scale green hydrogen project in Southland, to be operational by 2025.

As part of the announcement, regional Māori figurehead (Murihiku Upoko) Tā Tipene O’Regan said:

This project could be one of the world’s first large scale green hydrogen facilities, powered by existing and new renewable energy generation. We hope to support greater New Zealand wide renewable generation investment, while at the same time contributing to the management of New Zealand’s dry-year risk. Despite being a regional opportunity, this project will be developed in New Zealand’s national interest.

Murihiku Upoko Tā Tipene O’Regan in Fortescue’s press release, 3 Aug 2021
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