Green ammonia for polymers: “Econitrile”

Click to learn more about Econitrile. Source: AnQore.

OCI, AnQore and Elix Polymers announced this week that green ammonia would form the basis of a low-carbon, sustainable value chain for polymer manufacturing in Europe. Green ammonia supplied by OCI would be used for the manufacture of green Acrylonitrile (named “Econitrile”) by AnQore in the Netherlands. The manufacture of “Econitrile” (and also supports demand for a range of other low-carbon feedstocks, from bio-methane, bio- and circular-naphtha and sustainable propylene. Acrylonitrile or “Econitrile” is then used as a feedstock to produce Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a common thermoplastic polymer used in injection molding applications.

Using Econitrile at its production center in Spain, Elix Polymers currently produces the only ABS and ABS-based products in the world to hold the ISCC PLUS certificate. For the final step, this green ammonia-based ABS product will supply an unnamed but “prominent” consumer goods manufacturer based in the EU. Potential end applications of this supply chain range from “toys and air filters through to water treatment and engineering materials”.

Green feedstocks for polymer production

In January, we explored a new off-take agreement between Fortescue Future Industries and German polymer manufacturer Covestro. The supply of 100,000 tonnes of green hydrogen (& derivatives) to Covestro production centers in Asia, Europe and North America from 2024 will play a leading role in Covestro’s sustainability strategy going forward. We are used to seeing new off-take deals signed for fertiliser, maritime fuel & power generation applications, so we watch the polymers and plastics space with great interest.


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