Green ammonia in Bolivia

The official announcement, released by H2 Bolivia and the Autonomic Government of Oruro.
Click to enlarge. The official announcement, released by H2 Bolivia and the Autonomic Government of Oruro.

A new agreement between H2 Bolivia and the Government of Oruro will see a 500,000 tonne per year green ammonia plant built in the country. Taking advantage of the “unmatched solar irradiance” in the Oruro region, a solar farm will power 490 MW of electrolysers at the plant, with enough land acquired to expand the project well beyond the initial 500,000 tonnes per year target. FID is due in 18 months, with construction to begin by 2024.

The project will target ammonia export markets to begin with, but there is a chance it could help replace Bolivian imports of ammonia (and a significant fertiliser market in South America). Bolivia’s only world-scale ammonia and urea plant has been beset by technical difficulties and loss-making operations since it was commissioned a few years ago.

A representative from H2 Bolivia told Ammonia Energy that their organisation ensured the project followed the pillars of growth strategy as outlined by the national and Oruro governments. The project also reflects the growing importance of renewable hydrogen in the country, with the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy currently developing a strategic hydrogen plan.

Ammonia comes to the fore in South America

2021 has been a big year for South American ammonia announcements:

  • AustriaEnergy & Ökowind’s HNH green ammonia project in Chile.
  • AES Gener’s announcement of 850 MW renewable energy generation for green ammonia, also in Chile.
  • The development, launch and implementation of Uruguay‘s national hydrogen & ammonia strategy (includes a green ammonia plant announcement from NextChem and MET Development).
  • Aker Clean Hydrogen’s plans in Chile.
  • and AmmPower’s planned green ammonia plant in Brazil.
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