Green ammonia port hubs in the UK and Australia

Shoreham Port Clean Energy Hub (Sussex, UK)

H2 Green will develop a renewable energy hub at the Port of Shoreham in West Sussex, after signing a new agreement with the Port Authority. The initial focus will be the electrification and use of hydrogen fuel in the Port’s vehicle fleet (heavy forklifts and trucks), before expanding to accommodate the ~800 heavy goods vehicles that enter the port daily, and short-haul vessels equipped to run on batteries or hydrogen fuel. The second phase will be an ammonia import facility to meet growing demands for hydrogen fuel in the surrounds.

As explained in the video below, the project will have enough capacity and functionality to decarbonise most of the heavy road transport fleets in southeast England from just two green ammonia shipments a week (presumably onsite cracking will be part of this project phase). A final investment decision is due at the end of next year.

By bringing together the building blocks of green hydrogen production, renewable power investment, ammonia import, and mobilising a wide range of stakeholders, H2 Green will provide the most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective green energy solution for the Port, its customers and the wider region. It also links Shoreham to international marine decarbonisation initiatives – the COP26 agreement encouraging the prioritisation of green shipping corridor projects that can accelerate the decarbonisation of both transport and supply chains.

H2Green’s Shoreham green energy development plan showcases a scalable path for the decarbonisation of large-volume customers in marine and land transport settings. Getech intends to replicate this model across the UK and internationally.

CEO of Getech (H2 Green’s parent company) Jonathan Copus in the official press release, 15 Now 2021
Take a virtual tour of the Shoreham Port Clean Energy Hub.

Geelong Hydrogen Hub (Victoria, Australia)

The Geelong Hydrogen Hub will be developed by CAC-H2, a developer who is also planning two carbon-negative, waste-to-ammonia projects in Australia. The Geelong Hub includes multiple, new-build infrastructure elements:

Geelong Hydrogen Hub infrastructure elements. Source: GeelongPort.
Click to learn more. Geelong Hydrogen Hub infrastructure elements. Source: GeelongPort.
  • renewable energy generation & electrolysers for hydrogen production
  • development of a new import terminal for green hydrogen & ammonia trade
  • pipelines to onshore storage tanks
  • “facilities” capable of producing 170 tonnes of hydrogen per day from ammonia (ie. cracking)
  • distribution & refueling facilities for heavy road transport vehicles

Similar to Shoreham, import of green ammonia to meet growing demand for hydrogen fuel is the second phase of the project. The first phase is due to be operational in December 2023.

Site of the future hydrogen & ammonia import/export terminal at Geelong. Source: GeelongPort.
Click to enlarge. Site of the future hydrogen & ammonia import/export terminal at Geelong. Source: GeelongPort.
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Jitendra Gupta

I see the logic of import of ammonia as Shoreham but why would Geelong import ammonia or crack ammonia to hydrogen?