Green bunker fuel project in northern Norway

Wind turbines being installed at the Kvitfjell wind farm, west of  Tromsø.
Click to learn more. Wind turbines being installed at the Kvitfjell wind farm, west of Tromsø. Source: Sarens.

A trio of Norwegian firms – renewable energy developer Magnora, investor Prime Capital and power company Troms Kraft – will partner up to get a green bunker fuel production facility up-and-running by 2025 in Tromsø, northern Norway. The project involves large-scale production of green hydrogen and further processing into green ammonia and/or liquid organic hydrogen carriers. FID is due late next year.

Tromsø: ideal location for a green bunker fuel facility

The partners bring a significant amount of local expertise to the project. Prime Capital played a key role in developing Project Nordlicht, two local, onshore wind facilities (Kvitfjell and Raudfjell) operated by Siemens Gamesa. Troms Kraft currently operate 1.1 GW of hydro and wind power in the Tromsø region.

Tromsø is the main logistics hub in Northern Norway for land-based transportation, fishery and other maritime industry.

With more than 3,000 fishing boat calls per year Tromsø is one of the largest fishing ports in Norway, and it is also an increasing popular cruise destination. The region has a surplus of green electricity from hydropower and onshore wind, which makes it attractive for green fuel production, says Magnora.

“Magnora is very optimistic when it comes to the ongoing energy transition. We believe that fuels produced from green electricity will play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions, especially in the maritime industry,” says Torstein Sanness, executive chairman of Magnora.

“With an existing electricity surplus from renewables, a large and innovative maritime and fisheries industry, and a competent industrial workforce, Tromsø has all the right ingredients for success.”

Background on Tromsø and quote from Torstein Sanness, executive chairman of Magnora, official press release 16 September 2021, accessed via Manifold Times

Big year for ammonia solutions in Norway

The new green bunker fuel project in Tromsø is the latest in a series of big ammonia energy announcements out of Norway in 2021. Check out our reporting archives at Ammonia Energy for more updates.

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