KBR, SolydEra to deploy solid oxide electrolysis for ammonia production

Following announcements in the last twelve months related to ammonia cracking, low-carbon autothermal reforming and a 10,000 tonnes per day ammonia synthesis train, key technology licensor KBR has announced a new partnership with Italy-based SolydEra to deploy solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) for ammonia production.

Integrating SOE with K-GreeN®

Click to learn more about the new MoU between KBR and SolydEra.
Click to learn more about the new MoU between KBR and SolydEra.

As part of a new MoU, KBR will integrate SolydEra’s SOE technology into its proprietary K-GreeN® ammonia synthesis process. SolydEra has been producing solid oxide fuel cell systems at the kW-scale for more than two decades, with a focus on gas-to-power. By flipping this concept and feeding steam and electricity into the solid oxide cell, hydrogen can be produced as a feedstock for ammonia production, with SolydEra planning modular, stacked systems at the 100 kW size.

KBR’s innovative zero-carbon green ammonia technology, when integrated with SolydEra’s highly efficient Solid Oxide Electrolyzer, will drive cost efficiencies needed to make clean ammonia a competitive energy alternative.

Doug Kelly, KBR President – Technology, in his organisation’s official press release, 4 Oct 2023

Ammonia is one of the largest-volume chemicals produced worldwide and exponential demand growth is expected by the global energy transition. We are proud to work with KBR, and by providing SolydEra’s innovative SOE technology, we can make a great contribution for the development of an efficient carbon-neutral ammonia production system.

Martin Füllenbach, SolydEra’s Chairman and CEO in KBR’s official press release, 4 Oct 2023

KBR’s K-GreeN® is the technology of choice for several significant ammonia projects. Atlas Agro’s Washington state project, Avina Clean Hydrogen’s mega-project in Texas, Enaex’s Tocopilla demonstration project in Chile, ACME’s mega-project in Oman, Madoqua‘s project in Portugal, and JGC Corporation’s pilot-scale project in Japan will all feature the technology platform. In 2021, KBR and Cummins joined forces to integrate Cummins’ PEM electrolysers with K-GreeN®, in a bid to offer a turnkey renewable ammonia solution.

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