Mitsubishi Power developing ammonia combustion boilers

Visualisation of a pure-ammonia combustion boiler.
Click to learn more. Visualisation of a pure-ammonia combustion boiler. Source: Mitsubishi Power.

Mitsubishi Power has announced the development of single and mixed-fuel ammonia combustion boilers for industrial applications. Successful tests have been completed mimicking conditions in coal-fired boilers in thermal power stations. Ammonia-coal co-firing and pure ammonia fuel were investigated.

Importantly, Mitsubishi also announced that optimal conditions for ammonia combustion have been successfully identified during the testing:

These tests confirmed that flames remained extremely stable during combustion, as NOx emissions were as specified by the basic combustion test target, and there were (sic) no residual ammonia.

Mitsubishi Power press release, 26 August 2021

Next steps

Mitsubishi Power sees power generation from ammonia as a key way to decarbonise the operations of the wider Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group:

Going forward, Mitsubishi Power will continue to offer new solutions that are built on its extensive experience with combustion technology, such as utilizing ammonia as an effective means of cutting CO2 emissions. The company will support MHI Group in pursuing the energy transition, with a focus on the expansion and widespread use of highly efficient, eco-friendly generation technologies. Mitsubishi Power will also contribute to the stable supply of electricity essential for economic growth around the world, and help protect the environment through supporting the decarbonization of energy.

Mitsubishi Power press release, 26 August 2021

Latest ammonia power generation announcement out of Japan

As reported at Ammonia Energy, Mitsubishi Power announced in March they are developing a 40 MW, 100% ammonia-fed gas turbine that should be commercially available by 2025. On the power generation front we also have:

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