More mega-scale production in Texas

Avina Clean Hydrogen, Gulf Coast

Click to learn more about Avina Clean Hydrogen’s plans for a 100% renewable powered ammonia plant on Texas’ Gulf Coast.
Click to learn more about Avina Clean Hydrogen’s plans for a 100% renewable powered ammonia plant on Texas’ Gulf Coast.

New York-based Avina Clean Hydrogen is developing a 100% renewable powered, electrolysis-based ammonia plant on the Texas Gulf Coast. The first phase – 100,000 tonnes per year ammonia – is due to become operational in 2025, with full capacity – 700,000 tonnes per year – to be reached at a later date. This month, Avina announced it has secured a long-term offtake deal for full production from the project’s first phase.

This is a significant milestone for our green ammonia facility that has been under development for more than 18 months now. Once operational, we expect this facility to be one of the largest, state-of-the art renewable power enabled green ammonia production facilities in the United States and one of the most cost competitive green ammonia facilities around the world. With abundant renewable energy resources and best-in-class maritime infrastructure, the Texas Gulf Coast region is an ideal location for this production facility.

Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc. Founder and CEO Vishal Shah in his organisation’s official press release, 9 Dec 2022

Air Products and AES launch northern Texas project

$4 billion will be invested by the pair to build, own and operate a renewable hydrogen production facility in Wilbarger County, northern Texas. 1.4 GW of wind and solar power generation will power enough electrolyzers to produce around 70,000 tonnes per year of hydrogen. Operations will begin in 2027, and Air Products will act as the exclusive offtaker (a thirty year contract has already been signed). The project announcement does not mention ammonia or hydrogen derivatives, and it appears the initial focus will be the fuel for heavy-duty trucking. Wilbarger County is located between two of the major east-west trucking corridors in the US.

OCI breaks new ground in Beaumont

OCI’s existing ammonia & methanol production facilities at Beaumont will soon have two new, neighboring projects. This month ground was broken on a new 1.1 million tonnes per year CCS ammonia plant, which will be located on a large enough site to eventually double in size. Production is on track to start in 2025. OCI is targeting the export market, with ammonia to be transported via ammonia-powered ships. The other planned project is a wood waste-to-fuels plant. Waste timber would be converted into synthesis gas for methanol production, and eventually gasoline.

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