New Video Summarizes SIP Energy Carriers Accomplishments

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Japanese Government’s Cabinet Office and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have released an English-language video to summarize the accomplishments of the Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program’s (SIP) Energy Carriers initiative. The release coincides with the March 2019 conclusion of the SIP Energy Carriers’ work, and anticipates this month’s formal activation of the Green Ammonia Consortium.

The 11-minute video has a clear takeaway message: “We have found that ammonia has high potential to play an important role toward a hydrogen society.” 

It highlights the technology milestones attained during the Energy Carriers’ five-year career, and includes segments on ammonia-fired gas turbines; ammonia co-firing in coal-fired power plants; ammonia fueling for industrial furnaces; direct ammonia solid oxide fuel cells; and green ammonia production

All of the industry players mentioned in the video, including the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Chugoku Electric Power Company, IHI Corporation, JGC Corporation, and Noritake Company, are members of the Green Ammonia Consortium. The video can be viewed below or on YouTube at SIP Energy Carriers – The Innovation for Ammonia Fuel in Japan.

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Joe Beach

It is great to see a video like this promoting NH3 fuel. I first started talking to people about NH3 fuel around 2010 after learning about it through the NH3 Fuel Association (Ammonia Energy Association now, sponsors of this site). I was often asked “If NH3 fuel is so good, why have I never heard of it? Why is nobody else doing it?” Now we have ARPA-E sponsoring research, EPRI noting that it is a great option for seasonal energy storage, MAN Energy Solutions making a dual fuel NH3 engine, C-Job Naval Architects designing NH3 fueled shipping vessels, GenCell marketing… Read more »