NH3 Arab Events – A duo webinar on green ammonia

NH3 Event Europe Foundation and the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) will join forces in NH3 Arab Events to host two digital events, on December 8 and 9, 2020, on the topic of green NH3 in the Arab world. Our aim of organizing these events is to build knowledge and share information about green ammonia possibilities in the Arab world.

Click to visit. NH3 Arab Events website, register for the webinars on December 8 and 9, 2020.

We all know the Arab world is producing a lot of fertilizers, but what about sustainability and the possibility of producing green fertilizers? Are there possibilities to make phosphates green? And what about the public perception of green ammonia? With this first duo of webinars, we would like to give you an insight on the possibilities for green NH3.

Program outline

During the webinar on December 8, we will focus on green ammonia in general. Topics that will be discussed are:

  • What is brown / black / blue / green NH3?
  • What do companies do now to produce green NH3?
  • How can you make phosphates / fertilizers green?

On December 9, the topic of conversation will be the public perception of green NH3. During this session we will focus on:

  • Will there be green NH3 in future?
  • How do we produce this green NH3?
  • When can we expect the world using green NH3?
  • Will there be a demand for green NH3?

Each webinar will start 12:00 GMT time. The webinars will be hosted by Rianne Vriend (NH3 Event Europe Foundation) and moderated by Hans Vrijenhoef (Proton Ventures). After three presentations we will have a live Q&A with our moderator. We will finish the webinar with a unique AFA Quiz. The quiz questions refer to the presentations that are held during the program. Three spectacular prices can be won!

“We are very pleased with our collaboration with the Arab Fertilizer Association. This duo of webinars and our new website (nh3arabevents.com) are a very nice result of the first steps in our collaboration. I am looking forward to our first series of webinars which will be held in December. We are also working on other ideas at the moment, for e.g. a webinar on the topic financing and a physical event on green ammonia in Aswan,” says Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO of Proton Ventures and founder of NH3 Event Europe Foundation.

Speakers and sponsors

“We are very proud of our soon-to-be-published program. We can confirm that Casale, KBR, IRESEN, Maersk, Nutrien, OCP, Yara, and thyssenkrupp will give presentations during this duo webinar,” according to Rianne Vriend-Vrijenhoef, director of NH3 Event Europe Foundation.

“And of course no webinar without sponsors! We are very proud to announce that this webinar is sponsored by thyssenkrupp, Casale, OMIFC and Evergrow. We are in contact with some other companies at the moment as well, so hopefully we can add even more sponsors to this webinar. It is great to see that this kind of events are embraced by sponsors as well.”

Via the website nh3arabevents.com to register for this duo of webinars and for more information about our speakers and sponsors. The webinar will be held via MS Teams Events. One day before the event you receive an email with a link to the online event.

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