Nutrien and Exmar partner up to build an ammonia-powered vessel

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Nutrien and Exmar will cooperate to deploy an ammonia-powered vessel on the water by 2025, with the fuel to be sourced from Nutrien’s low-carbon ammonia production facility in Geismar, Louisiana. Together, the two organisations will select an ammonia-powered engine, a supply system manufacturer and a shipyard capable of constructing the vessel.

Nutrien has actively been pursuing the development of low-carbon ammonia for more than a decade, and has approximately 1 million tonnes of [low-carbon ammonia] production capability through its Redwater and Joffre Alberta operations, as well as its Geismar, Louisiana facility which employs carbon capture and sequestration technology to reduce the carbon intensity of its ammonia for use as a maritime fuel.

“Nutrien is excited to partner with EXMAR on our shared journey to drive transformative reductions in maritime emissions,” says Raef Sully, Nutrien’s Executive Vice President and CEO of Nitrogen and Phosphate. “This initiative demonstrates how we are taking action to achieve our Feeding the Future Plan’s 2030 sustainability commitments, which include investing in low-carbon ammonia innovations.”

“EXMAR has always strived to contribute to innovations and increase efficiencies in gas logistics and transportation. The development of an ammonia-fueled vessel together with our long-standing partner Nutrien is an exciting and logical next step for us,” says Jens Ismar, Executive Director Shipping.

Nutrien press release, 29 July 2021

Blue ammonia production capacity at Geismar, Louisiana

Nutrien recently provided details about its hybrid blue ammonia production in Geismar in a feature article for Fertilizer Focus magazine (click to download). The facility is currently capable of producing 200,000 tonnes of blue ammonia per year, and has a fleet of four ammonia carriers already in operation. There is also the possibility Nutrien could deploy Auto-Thermal Reforming technology to replace the Steam-Methane Reforming process in ammonia manufacture – a move that could result in 75% emission reduction on conventional ammonia production.

Exmar’s second ammonia-powered vessel of 2021

This is Exmar’s second ammonia-powered vessel announcement in 2021. As reported in May, Lloyd’s Register awarded Exmar an Approval in Principle to develop a 40,000 m3 ammonia-fueled gas carrier. That project already has confirmed partners: design by Jiangnan Shipyard, and ammonia fuel gas supply system by Wärtsilä Gas Solutions.

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