OCI and NortH2 partner to develop green ammonia & methanol supply chains in the Netherlands

An infographic of the new NortH2 - OCI agreement. Source: OCI.
Click to enlarge. An infographic of the new NortH2 – OCI agreement. Source: OCI.

In February 2020 NortH2 was launched, aiming to develop a million-tonne-per-year green hydrogen project off the coast of Eemshaven. The consortium – which now includes Equinor, RWE, Shell and Gasunie – announced this week that it would partner with OCI for a large-scale supply agreement to OCI’s manufacturing plants in the Netherlands, enabling OCI to develop the first integrated green ammonia and methanol value chains in Europe. Not only will OCI be able to decarbonise its own production centers, but provide green “building blocks” to downstream customers:

Green ammonia and methanol production is a logical starting point to develop a green economy in the Netherlands and Europe as it creates a wide range of green products helping create sustainable value chains of food, fuels and consumer goods.

CEO of OCI N.V. Ahmed El-Hoshy in the official press release, 31 Mar 2022

Using 1 GW of NortH2’s green hydrogen [production capacity] in OCI’s production processes would correspond to 900,000 tons direct CO2 reduction per year, which would constitute a significant 4% of the 2030 Climate targets set for the Dutch Industry.

OCI’s official press release, 31 Mar 2022

This week NortH2 also added a new consortium member, with Eneco joining as an investment partner.

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