Power to Ammonia: The OCI Nitrogen – Geleen case

The Power-to-Ammonia feasibility study includes an assessment of the costs and benefits of producing ammonia from renewable energy at OCI Nitrogen’s existing production site in Geleen.

Of all the companies who joined forces in the Power-to-Ammonia project, OCI is the only ammonia producer. Its business case for making carbon-free ammonia is especially interesting therefore: not just because of the company’s deep understanding of the ammonia market and available technologies, but also because it faces corporate exposure to the financial, operational, and social risks of relying upon a fossil-fueled technology in a carbon constrained future.

I’ve previously written about Power-to-Ammonia and the other two business cases it analyzes. First, electricity producer Vattenfall and its subsidiary Nuon at Eemshaven looked at ammonia as a means for the “large scale [energy] storage and import,” which will be required if the Netherlands is to meet its national CO2 reduction targets. Second, grid operator Stedin at Goeree-Overflakkee looked at smaller storage and transport options that would mitigate investments in grid expansion and improvement. My next article will provide details on the specific options that Power to Ammonia includes in its technology assessment for ammonia synthesis.

Over the next few years, this industrial consortium intends to build pilot projects to develop and demonstrate the necessary technologies. Today and tomorrow, however, they are heavily featured in the Power-to-Ammonia Conference, in Rotterdam on May 18-19.

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