Renewable ammonia demonstration plant announced in South Australia

This week, the government of South Australia announced a “globally-¬≠significant demonstrator project,” to be built by the hydrogen infrastructure company Hydrogen Utility (H2U). The renewable hydrogen power plant will cost AUD$117.5 million ($95 million USD), and will be built by ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions with construction beginning in 2019.

The plant will comprise a 15 MW electrolyzer system, to produce the hydrogen, and two technologies for converting the hydrogen back into electricity: a 10MW gas turbine and 5MW fuel cell. The plant will also include a small but significant ammonia plant, making it “among the first ever commercial facilities to produce distributed ammonia from intermittent renewable resources.”

For those experiencing deja vu, let me clarify that this is a new announcement, in addition to Yara’s solar-ammonia demonstration plant, announced in August 2017, which is still destined for the Pilbara, Western Australia, roughly 3,000 km from this new project in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

According to H2U’s CEO, Attilio Pigneri:

“The facility will be an exemplar of the synergies associated with hydrogen.

It will provide balancing services to the national transmission grid, fast frequency response support to new solar plants under development in the Eyre Peninsula, supply green ammonia and other chemicals to the local farming and aquaculture sectors, and host the demonstration, at scale, of novel supply chain technologies for the export of green hydrogen from Australia to markets in the Asia-¬≠Pacific region.”
Government of South Australia news release, Green hydrogen facility to be constructed near Port Lincoln, 02/12/2018

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