Renewable ammonia in Sweden

Grupo Fertiberia will work with the local government of Norbotten Region, Sweden to develop of a EUR 1 billion green ammonia & fertiliser plant. Powered by a mixture of wind and hydropower, Project “Green Wolverine” will feature 600 MW of electrolysers and produce 500,000 tonnes per year of carbon-free ammonia. Initial operations are expected to begin in 2026. Sweden is one of the only EU countries that lacks domestic fertiliser production, so “Green Wolverine” allows Sweden to become both more self-sufficient and one of the world’s first green ammonia exporters.

Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden, notes that “an investment like this will contribute to both job creation and increased food production. But perhaps more importantly, it will lead to a reduction in Sweden’s climate footprint.”

“Grupo Fertiberia aspires to become the leader in the sustainable fertilization of the future in Europe. To do this, we are aware of the importance of developing fertilizers with clean, abundant and indigenous energy ”, says Javier Goñi, CEO of the company. “The Norrbotten project is a decisive new step towards our goal of producing low carbon fertilizers.”

Nils-Olov Lindfors, Norrbotten Regional Councilor, who has participated in the development of hydrogen technology, highlights that “Green Wolverine can improve the economy of our region by diversifying it into emerging sectors with high growth, such as ammonia. green as energy storage, marine fuel and as a chemical feedstock, with the potential to offer strong job creation and new export markets.”

(Translated from Spanish) Grupo Fertiberia’s official press release (click to download pdf), 19 October 2021

Fertiberia’s renewable ammonia plans in Spain

In the background, Fertiberia and Iberdrola are progressing their renewable ammonia projects in Spain. Last month we reported at Ammonia Energy that the Puertollano fertiliser plant is being prepared to receive green hydrogen, and the larger Huelva project has been in the works since late 2020.

Grupo Fertiberia, in collaboration with Iberdrola, has already started up the first green ammonia plant on an industrial scale in Spain. In the coming months, a 20 MW electrolyzer will be operational at the Puertollano plant and, in 2023, there will be another ten times greater (200 MW) in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva). Green hydrogen is the raw material for the production of green ammonia (which is in turn the basis for the manufacture of low carbon fertilizers and other solutions). In Spain, this plan will continue to be developed in phases until adding 800 MW in 2027, with a total investment of 1.8 billion.

(Translated from Spanish) Grupo Fertiberia’s official press release (click to download pdf), 19 October 2021
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