Selective Catalytic Reduction for marine ammonia engines

BUTTING, MAN ES unveil new unit

MAN Energy Solutions has announced that the first SCR catalytic converter for a marine ammonia engine has passed factory tests and been delivered to Mitsui E&S in Tamano, Japan. The converter (and future units) will be integrated with MAN ES marine ammonia engines.

Produced by stainless steel specialists BUTTING in China, the 4m diameter, 28 tonne unit is designed to significantly reduce NOx emissions from ammonia combustion engines. The unit is based on BUTTING’s existing SCRs for cruise and cargo ships, which mitigate NOx emissions from conventional marine engines. BUTTING is working towards mass production for the new SCRs, which will take place in Tieling, China.

In a separate announcement last December, WinGD added Mitsui E&S’ Tamano shipyards as a future site for engine manufacturing – including WinGD’s ammonia-fueled X-DF-A model. The expansion into Japan will help meet the increased demand for domestically-produced WinGD engines.

*this article was updated to reflect that these SCR units will be integrated with MAN ES marine engines, and that the WinGD announcement from December 2023 was seperate

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Horacio Torres

Great News. Ammonia will be the green energy carrier for marine engines