Skovgaard renewable ammonia project orders electrolysers from Nel

Nel’s A Series alkaline electrolysis unit, which will be used in the new Skovgaard renewable ammonia project in Denmark. Source: Nel.
Click to learn more. Nel’s A Series alkaline electrolysis unit, which will be used in the new Skovgaard renewable ammonia project in Denmark. Source: Nel.

The consortium developing the Skovgaard ammonia project has brought the demo plant a step closer to reality this week, ordering an alkaline electrolyser system from Nel. Located in Lemvig, Denmark, Skovgaard made headlines in June 2021 when it was launched as the world’s first “dynamic” green ammonia plant. Nel’s electrolyser system will be delivered next year, and is worth €4 million.

At Skovgaard, electrolysers will be plugged directly into wind and solar power generation, with no battery storage or firming in between. The 10 MW demo plant is billed as an important testing site for assessing how new ammonia reactor technology can successfully fluctuate operations, depending on renewable electricity input. The plant will produce 5,000 tonnes of renewable ammonia per year, and project partners Skovgaard Energy, Topsoe and Vestas believe the plant could represent a blueprint for scale-up to larger Power-to-X projects.

We are thrilled for this project, which will be an important milestone in the green transition as it showcases green hydrogen production into green ammonia directly from renewable sources.

Nel Senior Tender Manager Henning Langås in his organisation’s official press release, 8 July 2022

Nel’s alkaline electrolyser is proven technology of high quality, and it will also match well with the intentions of the demonstration project of dynamic operation of the ammonia plant.

Technical Director of Skovgaard Energy Pat A Han in Nel’s official press release, 8 July 2022

More financial backing for electrolyser scale-up

German electrolyser developer Sunfire will become the first EU-based hydrogen organisation to receive backing from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, with an undisclosed amount invested. Earlier this year Sunfire received funding from the European Commission as part of an IPCEI project, and closed a successful Series D capital funding round worth €195 million.

Amazon also was part of a successful, $198 million funding round for US-based Electric Hydrogen last month. Other investors included Equinor Ventures, Honeywell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Rio Tinto.

Siemens, Air Liquide to join forces for 3 GW

And a new joint-venture for the industrial-scale production of electrolysers was launched in June, with Siemens and Air Liquide joining forces. A GW-sized factory will be located in Berlin, beginning production of PEM electrolyser units late next year. The pair are targeting annual production of 3 GW-worth of electrolysis units by 2025.

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