SMARTCATS Workshop: Ammonia for Fueling Future Energy

ANNOUNCEMENT: SMARTCATS, an Action within Europe’s “intergovernmental framework” for Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), has this week published the list of keynote speakers for its Ammonia for Fueling Future Energy Workshop, which will be held on April 13 and 14 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Speakers will include John Bøgild Hansen, Senior Scientist at Haldor Topsoe and member of the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) Board of Directors; Bill David, University of Oxford Professor and member of the AEA Advisory Board; and myself in my role as AEA President.

SMARTCATS stands for Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies. The Workshop is motivated by the growing interest within the SMARTCATS Action “on the potentials of ammonia in combustion based energy production systems.” The event will be anchored by “invited lectures on synthesis, combustion fundamentals, and energy demonstration,” and its scope will include “all aspects of the use of ammonia as energy carrier.”

The list of keynote speakers and their presentation titles is as follows:

  • Bill David (University of Oxford): Brown, blue and green ammonia: creating a distributed zero-carbon chemical storage infrastructure
  • John Bøgild Hansen (Haldor Topsoe): Sustainable ammonia production via electrolysis
  • Peter Glarborg (DTU, Technical University of Denmark): Challenges in NH3 oxidation kinetics
  • Christine Rousselle (Vice-Chair of IEA Combustion TCP): Ammonia as fuel for engine transportation: an utopia?
  • George Dimopoulos (DNV GL Hellas): Ammonia as a marine fuel: marine engineering, safety and regulatory considerations
  • Steve Crolius (Ammonia Energy Association): Prospects for Mid-Term Commercialization of Ammonia Combustion Technologies

Event registration and further details are available on the webpage for the SMARTCATS Workshop: Ammonia for Fueling Future Energy.


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