South Korea sets targets for hydrogen & ammonia power generation

Click to learn more about MOTIE's ammonia power generation announcement via the Korea Herald newspaper.
Click to learn more about MOTIE’s ammonia power generation announcement via the Korea Herald newspaper.

South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) announced ammonia coal co-combustion will be operational in over half the country’s coal-fired power generating units by 2030 (Korean language). The government has already set a target of 13.8 – 21.5% of national output coming from hydrogen & ammonia-fed gas turbines by 2050 (the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap was approved in October). To help drive the required commercialisation & technology deployment, MOTIE, KEPCO and other Korean power utilities will collaborate in a ‘Hydrogen and Ammonia Power Generation Demonstration Promotion Group’.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is promoting ammonia and hydrogen power generation in earnest.

Commercialization of ammonia co-fired (20%) power generation by 2030 and hydrogen co-firing (30% or more) power generation by 2035 [will replace] coal power generation and liquefied natural gas (LNG) power generation to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

In the case of [hydrogen co-firing], 50% of the 150MW class co-firing demonstration [will be] completed by 2028, and more than 30% co-firing [will be] commercialized by 2035, and 30-100% co-firing or total burning is targeted in 2040.

Ammonia power generation also plans to complete 20% co-fired demonstration by 2027, and to apply and commercialize 20% co-fired power generation to more than half (24 units) of all coal power plants (43 units) by 2030.

Generate electricity from carbon-free fuels hydrogen and ammonia!, MOTIE, 16 Nov 2021 (translated from Korean)

GS Energy joins ADNOC’s blue ammonia project in Al Ruwais

South Korean oil & gas major GS Energy announced this week is will join ADNOC and Japan-based Mitsui & Co. to develop the million tonne per year blue ammonia project in Al Ruwais, UAE. The new partnership not only accelerates development of hydrogen & ammonia supply chains between the Middle East and Asia, but also means GS Energy and Mitsui & Co. will commit to off take “significant” volumes of blue ammonia for energy and industrial applications in Korea and Japan. The new agreement is a step up from GS Energy and ADNOC’s exploratory partnership agreement signed back in March.

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