TotalEnergies and Adani join forces on renewable hydrogen in India

1 million tonnes hydrogen production by 2030

Click to learn more about the new renewable hydrogen partnership between TotalEnergies and Adani in India.
Click to learn more about the new renewable hydrogen partnership between TotalEnergies and Adani in India.

TotalEnergies has joined the renewable hydrogen & ammonia push in India, thanks to a new deal with Adani Enterprises. Total will acquire a 25% stake in Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), and ANIL will act as the “exclusive platform” for Total and Adani to produce and commercialise renewable hydrogen in India. As well as direct applications, the produced hydrogen will also be used for fertiliser and methanol production.

Together the pair have set ambitious targets for ANIL: 1 million tonnes renewable hydrogen production per year and 30 GW of new renewable generating capacity by 2030, all of it located in India. For perspective, this hydrogen target represents one-fifth of the Indian government’s total national target for 2030. The first project in focus for ANIL will be a 1.3 million tonne per year urea plant to displace current imports. The project features $5 billion of investment, 2 GW of electrolysers and 4 GW of combined wind + solar generating capacity.

ANIL’s ambition is to invest over USD 50 billion over the next 10 years in green hydrogen and associated ecosystem…

ANIL aims to be the largest fully integrated green hydrogen player in the world, with presence across the entire value chain, from the manufacturing of renewables and green hydrogen equipment (solar panels, wind turbines, electrolysers, etc.), to large scale generation of green hydrogen, to downstream facilities producing green hydrogen derivatives.

Details of ambition and aims for ANIL, from Adani’s official press release, 14 June 2022

Millions & millions of tonnes

The new project joins a million-tonne-per-year renewable ammonia plant launched just last week, led by ACME Group in Karnataka, southwest India. Total is developing a multi-million tonne renewable ammonia project of its own in southern Chile, with a massive 4.4 million tonnes per year capacity planned in Magallanes.

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