Tour ACME Group’s green hydrogen & ammonia plant in India

We’ll let this one speak for itself!

Thanks to Indian news channel CNBCTV18, take a three-minute tour of ACME Group’s green hydrogen & ammonia production plant in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The demonstration-sized facility is the first green hydrogen plant in India, powered by 5 MW of solar panels (with an expansion to 10 MW planned).

CNBCTV18 Exclusive: The First-Ever Operational Green Hydrogen Plant Set up by ACME Group, via YouTube.

For India…the biggest challenge will be competition. Competition not from any individual or company but from countries. For example, Middle Eastern countries have 15% higher [solar] radiation than us. Chile has 20% higher…If they produce cheaper than us in the global market, we will find it difficult to compete.None of these countries have the size of the grid [that India has].

What that means is our plant here can operate 24 hours using grid banking – no other country can offer this.

Manoj Upadhyay, ACME Group Founder & MD in an interview with CNBCTV18, 15 Mar 2022

The “grid banking” ACME Group Founder MD Manoj Upadhyay refers to is a key feature of India’s new green hydrogen policy, allowing companies to “bank” renewable energy for up to thirty days at a fixed rate, allowing for flexibility in production.

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