Tracking the development pipeline of ammonia-ready vessels

Approval in Principle for SHI’s ultra-large ammonia carrier design

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has received Approval in Principle (AiP) from Korean Register (KR) for its design of a 200,000 cbm class, ultra-large ammonia carrier, featuring an ammonia fuel system. The vessel is designed to carry large ammonia quantities with no operational CO2 emissions.

In this joint effort, SHI produced the conceptual design, devised the fuel supply system, ventilation, and gas monitoring system. KR assessed the safety of the ammonia fuel system and its compliance with domestic and international regulations. KR also supported the optimization of the tank and hull structure.

Ultra-large ammonia carriers will also be in demand in the future to handle the increasing volume of cargo. This approval of the ultra-large ammonia ship with ammonia fuel system enables rapid commercialization, and we will continue to make our efforts to develop green technologies to lead the next-generation ship market.

Jang Haeki, Executive VP (CTO) of SHI Engineering Operations, in KR’s official press release, 6 September 2023

Through this project, the two companies have laid an important foundation for the commercialization of ultra-large ammonia ships. KR will continue to provide outstanding technical support for the development of green ships in cooperation with various stakeholders in the shipping industry.

Kim Yeontae, Executive VP of KR Technical Division, in KR’s official press release, 6 September 2023

OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping collaborate on major Ultramax project

Pherousa’s ammonia cracking technology will be incorporated into the new Ultramax dry bulk carrier design, with partner OSM Thome to assist with construction & crewing the vessels. Source: Pherousa.
Click to learn more. Pherousa’s ammonia cracking technology will be incorporated into the new Ultramax dry bulk carrier design, with partner OSM Thome to assist with construction & crewing the vessels. Source: Pherousa.

OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping AS (PGS) will collaborate on a series of 63,000 dwt Ultramax vessels. PGS will order up to six modern Ultramax dry bulk carriers designed by Deltamarin in Finland. The design is based on an existing model, modified for hydrogen propulsion by incorporating Pherousa’s ammonia cracking technology.

The collaboration will encompass approval acquisition, project development and site supervision for the carriers, with OSM Thome managing the crew and technical management of the new vessels. The first fleet of six carriers is intended to serve the cross-Pacific copper trade, particularly the transport of copper ores from Australia and South America to end-users in Asia.

We are delighted to partner with the renowned Ship management group, OSM Thome, to assist us on finalizing our forthcoming fleet of true zero-emission Ultramax bulk carriers. Our early agreement with OSM Thome ensures that crew members will be prepared and trained well in advance of vessel delivery. This proactive approach guarantees the establishment of safety measures and protocols in accordance with the guidelines for safe handling at sea.

The concept has garnered significant support, and we are actively engaging with key stakeholders in both ammonia supply and vessel end-users. This momentum is propelling us towards realizing zero-emission copper transportation, fostering a fully zero carbon supply chain from mines to destinations.

Hans Bredrup, Chairman of the Pherousa Group, in his organisation’s official press release, 22 August 2023

Avance Gas triggers option of two medium-sized LPG/ammonia carriers

Avance Gas Holding has declared the option of two mid-sized LPG/ammonia carriers (MGCs) from Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (CIMC SOE) at a contract price of $61.5 million per vessel. The option was announced in June 2023, when two similarly priced sister ships were contracted.

Fitted with dual fuel engines, the carriers can run on both LPG & compliant fuel oil. The carriers have a capacity for 40,000 m3 of LPG or ammonia cargo, and are scheduled to be delivered during Q2 and Q4 2026. They will also be equipped with shaft generators for more efficient operation and management.

These ships are not only perfect for the LPG trade but also ammonia trade as parcel sizes for ammonia cargoes tend to be in this size lot. Given the high expected growth of the ammonia trade, the four new MGCs are very attractive addition to our fleet where we already have two VLGCs on water which are ammonia ready in terms of running it as fuel, while the two VLGCs for delivery next year can both carry and burn ammonia.

Øystein Kalleklev, CEO of Avance Gas in his organisation’s official press release, 21 August 2023
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