Uniper explores off-take of green ammonia in Oman

HYPORT® Duqm green ammonia project

HYPORT® Duqm Green hydrogen/ammonia infographic from DEME Concessions.
Click to learn more. HYPORT® Duqm Green hydrogen/ammonia infographic from DEME Concessions.

In December last year DEME Concessions and OQ announced their new HYPORT® Duqm green ammonia project. The 250 – 500 MW facility (phase one size) will harness wind and solar energy to produce green ammonia. This can then be easily exported from the adjacent port. Project partners expect the facility to be operational in 2026.

Engineering and off-take

This week DEME and OQ took another step by signing a key cooperation agreement with Uniper. The global energy giant will provide engineering services and negotiate an exclusive off-take contract for the green ammonia. The new cooperation agreement means the project partners have successfully

onboarded a globally recognised and reputable partner, which will support HYPORT® Duqm in demonstrating a strong business case for the offtake, and in turn, enable them to secure optimal financing for the project.

Uniper press release on the new cooperation agreement with DEME and OQ, 19 July 2021

In the press release, Uniper CCO Niek den Hollander foreshadowed that green ammonia exports from Duqm could well end up at Uniper’s facility in Wilhelmshaven, Germany (where – as previously reported at Ammonia Energy – Uniper is looking to construct a “climate-friendly” hydrogen hub):

We need to get hydrogen out of the laboratory and start using it in large-scale applications and marketable industrial solutions — we should turn it into a market and exploit its wide variety of uses. One way of achieving this is to import green ammonia and convert it into hydrogen, which is something we are looking at for Wilhelmshaven on Germany’s North Sea coast. Germany will be heavily dependent on imports if we want to use hydrogen to help us achieve our climate goals.

Uniper CCO Niek den Hollander in Uniper’s press release, 19 July 2021

Long-term vision for Duqm

Ultimately Duqm could support 1.3 GW of renewable generation capacity. This generating potential – coupled with a large amount of land set aside for green energy projects and to-be-constructed facilities for liquid storage & export at the nearby port – makes Duqm a key part of OQ’s long-term plans to develop a portfolio of green hydrogen, green ammonia, green methanol and green steel projects. OQ is also a major partner in InterContinental Energy’s 25 GW green ammonia SuperGiant.

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