Wärtsilä & Møkster join forces, Japanese maritime consortium takes next steps

Wärtsilä and Simon Møkster Shipping join forces

Wärtsilä and Simon Møkster Shipping will explore the feasibility of using ammonia as the main fuel in dual fuel engines. Currently Møkster’s fleet (supply, support/rescue & renewable/subsea project support vessels) operates on LNG, and the partners are hoping to eventually power vessels with an ammonia-LNG blend. Working towards the “safe and efficient” operation of ammonia dual fuel vessels is also of high priority to the new partners.

Wärtsilä also announced this week they are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030. By 2030, the organisation will become carbon neutral within its own operations (Scope 1 &2 emissions), and provide a product portfolio to its customers which will be ready to operate on zero carbon fuels.

Consortium teams up to demonstrate ammonia-powered vessels in Japan

The A Tug.
Click to learn more. The A Tug. Source: NYK Line.

And after a successful feasibility phase, NYK Line, Japan Engine Corporation, IHI Power Systems, Nihon Shipyards and ClassNK will all collaborate on a demonstration project of ammonia-powered vessels in Japan. The project has government backing via New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and the Green Innovation Fund. A key feature of the project will be domestic production of ammonia-fueled engines.

Click to learn more. The AFAGC. Source: NYK Line.

First announced in 2020 with three vessel concepts, two of the three vessel designs now have a commercialisation schedule fully defined. The first is an ammonia-powered tug (A-Tug), which will run on an ammonia-fuel oil blend (80% ammonia and above) and be delivered by 2024. The second is an ammonia-fueled ammonia gas carrier (AFAGC), whose 2-stroke main engine will be built to run on 95% ammonia fuel blends. The AFAGC is due for delivery by 2026.

Click to enlarge. Commercialisation schedule for two ammonia-powered vessels in Japan. Source: NYK Line.
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