Momentum in MENA: report back from the 29th AFA conference

Last month, AEA Executive Vice-President Hans Vrijenhoef presented to a full house at the 29th AFA International Fertilizer Conference in Cairo, Egypt. Hans covered the challenging task of aligning the current & future ammonia certification tools being developed by various parties. There was also evidence of huge MENA momentum for clean ammonia at the event, both in Egypt and the wider region.


Ammonia, liquid sustainable energy for future

Hans Vrijenhoef with many years of experience in green ammonia developments will address the topic that ammonia can be used as the carrier of green electricity from Arab world to Europe, Japan , Korea and many other countries, which are lacking lacking natural gas or ammonia production or where ammonia costs are high. Using the green energy, Proton technology enables its clients/ partners to use based on their strategies options for import or export green ammonia, blue ammonia or byproduct ammonia in a safe and environmentally friendly way. After detailed studies and a mutual search for off-takers, Proton offers the…


Ammonia as an Energy Carrier – Update from the Netherlands

Proton Ventures specializes in ammonia and energy related matters in four ways: Terminal storage and handling (bulk) NFUEL Small scale ammonia production DeNOx and N2O removal systems Battolyser Technology (electrolysis and battery storage in a single appliance) Recently, Proton Ventures welcomed new venture capital from Koolen Industries allowing further growth, development and market penetration of the new small scale ammonia production technology. Momentum is increasing: across the globe, we have some great leads in various stages of development. Can multiple small scale production trains actually be a smart solution for the larger production capacity requirements when fluctuation of either the…


The Battolyser as a tool to overcome production problems by the intermittancy of green energy

The intermittency of sustainable energy sources calls for either flexible production or storage of energy, to keep continuous processes running continuously. The newly developed Battolyser technology has the possibility of both, creating flexible production and storage in one piece of equipment. The Battolyser is therefore a tool to keep production processes of hydrogen and / or ammonia under a continuous mode at lowest CAPEX. The design of this Battolyser can be such that the vulnerable ammonia Haber Bosch synthesis process can be kept in operation during certain periods of outage of (green) power, without installing additional large batteries. The Battolyser…


Dutch Initiatives to Store Sustainable Energy in the Form of Ammonia

Proton Ventures BV is a company dedicated to supply mini ammonia units for storing decentralised produced (sustainable) energy. Proton has developed a commercial unit for the production of small amounts of ammonia, which can store up to 25 MW of power or equivalent (bio-) gas energy. Hans Vrijenhoef, as the director of the company, will give an overview of existing plans in The Netherlands to store this decentralised energy and to make use of this in an economic way. The N-Fuel units will be skid-mounted, safe in operation, and almost fully automated in order to keep CAPEX and OPEX costs…


Decentralised ammonia production in the Netherlands

Our presentation will summarize the results of two government funded research projects Proton carried out over the last year. The presentation will give an overview of the Dutch power and chemicals (ammonia) markets. We will start by including a brief history of both markets, current trends and foreseen problems. We propose that electrification of the chemical industry will solve the anticipated problems.