Annual Meeting 2022: Election of Directors

Annual Meeting 2022: Election of Directors

2022 Election to the AEA Board of Directors

Each AEA Member (company) may only vote once. Please submit this form if you are the individual who is authorized to vote on behalf of your company. Duplicate and unauthorized votes will not be counted.

Election of Directors — Your Vote

The AEA Nominating Committee has endorsed the following individuals as candidates for election to the AEA's Board of Directors for a two-year term (2022-2024). For more information on each candidate, please refer to the election package distributed by e-mail.

Please register your vote for each candidate below (Yes/No/Abstain).

Raffaele Ostuni
Head Of Gas Technologies Department, Casale
Omar Talib
Co-Founder & President, ControlRooms
Thomas Jam Pedersen
Co-Founder, Copenhagen Atomics
Andrew Dickson
Development Director, CWP Global
Sundus Cordelia Ramli
Chief Commercial Officer, Power-to-X, Haldor Topsøe
Annette Kvilhaugsvik
Chief Commercial Officer, Horisont Energi
Alicia Eastman
President, InterContinental Energy
Ben Sawford
International Vice President - Advisory Consulting Energy Transition, KBR
Cindy Lim
Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Infrastructure
Jakob Krummenacher
Director of Clean Energy, LSB Industries
Sameer Bhatnagar
Senior Decarbonisation Integration Manager, Maersk
Mark Been
Director, MarnCo
Chris Cornille
Chief Commercial & Supply Chain Officer, Monolith Materials
Steve Szymanski
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Nel
Trevor Williams
Senior Vice President Nitrogen Operations, Nutrien
Xavier Lara
Senior Vice President CSP, Pacific Green Technologies
Rob Stevens
Vice President Ammonia Opportunities, Saga Pure
John Kutsch
Executive Director, Thorium Energy Alliance
Vibeke Rasmussen
Senior Vice President Product Management & Certification, Yara

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