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Membership of the Ammonia Energy Association

Ammonia Energy Association Member Benefits summary table.
Click to enlarge. Ammonia Energy Association Member Benefits summary table.

Become a Member: Membership can be purchased online for Industry Members and Individual Members. To request an invoice for Industry Membership, please contact us.

Conference Discount: AEA Members receive a discount code for our annual conference (at the AIChE Annual Meeting) that is worth up to $410. If you are already an Individual or Student Member, or are an employee of an Industry Member, please contact us for your Discount Code.

Business Expenses: The Ammonia Energy Association is a non-profit industry association, chartered under section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. In the US, membership fees are tax-deductible as business expenses.

Please direct any Membership questions to our Executive Director, Trevor Brown.

Membership Benefits

Ammonia Energy Association membership benefits fall into four categories: Events, Engagement, Branding, and Governance.


Members of the AEA receive reduced rates or exclusive access to attend our events. In 2019, these include:

  • Discounts for Topical Conference (AIChE): The AEA annual conference is hosted within the AIChE Annual Meeting; members of the AEA are entitled to a discount on registration. For the 2019 Annual Meeting, the value of this discount is $410 (full conference) or $180 (one-day only).
  • Invitations to Implementation Conference: Industry Members are invited to attend this part of our annual conference, which consists of workshops and discussions that aim to accelerate the adoption of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy by identifying and prioritizing advocacy and policy actions.


Members of the AEA have the opportunity to join our growing global network of ammonia energy developers and implementers, working together to define the future of sustainable energy technology and business.

  • Access to online Member Network: This benefit is in development. We are building a private online community platform, to facilitate global communication and collaboration among industry, academia, government, and NGOs.
  • Access to online Member Resources: This benefit is in development. We are building a library of resources that will be made available only to members.
  • Eligibility to serve on Committees: All members and partners will be eligible to serve on the AEA’s committees. The committees are the Association’s engines of action and the main way for our members to engage in, benefit from, and direct our work.
  • Seat on Strategy Committee: Our leading Industry Members (Gold and Platinum) form the core of the AEA’s Strategy Committee, which is responsible for defining the direction of the organization’s growth, and for assessing potential advocacy targets and tactics.


For our Industry Members and Non-Member Partners, the AEA offers a range of opportunities for corporate branding and marketing:

  • Profile on website (optional): Industry Members and Non-Member Partners can promote their organization with a member profile on our website. This ammonia energy directory will become a key resource for those searching for products and services.
  • Logo on website (sitewide) (optional): select Industry Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and Non-Member Partners will have the option to include their logo on our website.
  • Logo on newsletter & promotional material: select Industry Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and Non-Member Partners will have their logo featured on our weekly newsletter and promotional materials.
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Industry Members have a first call on sponsorship opportunities (beginning with the highest membership tier: Platinum, then Gold, then Silver, then Basic), which may include events or publications.


As a membership organization, the AEA’s work is defined by its members, to whom it is accountable. As an industry association, the AEA’s Industry Members are ultimately responsible for its leadership and oversight.

  • Invitation to Annual Meeting (teleconference): all members are invited to attend our Annual Meeting via teleconference, in late July / early August. This event includes reports on our activities, finances, and planning, as well as elections to our Board of Directors.
  • Votes at Annual Meeting: Only Industry Members may vote at our Annual Meeting (elections, other decisions); the number of votes for each member increases for higher membership tiers.
  • Eligible for election to Board of Directors: Industry Members may choose to put forward an individual for consideration by the AEA Nominating Committee for election to our Board of Directors at each Annual Meeting. (The Nominating Committee has the final authority to select a slate of candidates from the pool of eligible Industry Members.)
  • Invitation to attend quarterly Board Meetings: Representatives of select Industry Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) are invited to dial into meetings of our Board of Directors, regardless of whether they serve as Directors.

Please direct any Membership questions to our Executive Director, Trevor Brown.