Ammonia as an Energy Carrier – Update from the Netherlands


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Proton Ventures specializes in ammonia and energy related matters in four ways:

  • Terminal storage and handling (bulk)
  • NFUEL Small scale ammonia production
  • DeNOx and N2O removal systems
  • Battolyser Technology (electrolysis and battery storage in a single appliance)

Recently, Proton Ventures welcomed new venture capital from Koolen Industries allowing further growth, development and market penetration of the new small scale ammonia production technology. Momentum is increasing: across the globe, we have some great leads in various stages of development.

Can multiple small scale production trains actually be a smart solution for the larger production capacity requirements when fluctuation of either the feedstock or the demand (offtake)? This question needs thorough consideration.

Another one: Energy efficiency is only important in case overall costs benefit from an increase in energy efficiency. This may require us to think different from what we have learned.

Last but not least: Public perception and the role of the public authorities in tackling this aspect. Furthermore, public authorities / politics and regulators need to take the initiative to cover for the financing and regulation factors yet depriving demonstrations to come to fruition. The so-called Dutch ‘Nitrogen’ problem is a perfect demonstrator of public perception in combination with EU / National regulations in need of proper action.

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