Ammonia – Could it replace HFO/LSFO?


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The core of this presentation deals with the nature of ammonia, its natural characteristics that make it a future fuel solution candidate, the safety measures that need to be applied in order to carry it on board without endangering lives, environment & property, as well as whether this would be a feasible and cost- or risk-effective solution. For a long time, a lot of discussions have been centered around this subject, now bringing it to the immediate forefront & creating various questions that we will aim to answer to the interested individuals’, ship-managers’, businesses’, ship-owners’ and corporations’ satisfaction.

Lloyd’s Register – being the oldest classification society – would never fail to be a pioneer in the understanding and adoption of such an opportunity, and as such, is making every reasonable effort to include ammonia in its rules & regulations. There is no one who can dispute that there are many hurdles that we need to overcome before we get to the finish line but this has only served to make us more determined to achieve the results we have been aiming for. Apart from us, there are also other entities striving for the possibility to smoothly adopt – where possible – this alternative fuel, and are currently in the process of looking for alterations & options to facilitate the carriage & usage of ammonia on board, where necessary.

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