Ammonia for power generation: a new, efficient, low-emissions generator made possible with software enabled technology and precise flameless reaction control


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Customers who have historically wanted to use ammonia for power generation have been limited to co-firing with coal or diesel in order to overcome ammonia’s high ignition temperature and slow chemical kinetics. This process comes at a price; carbon emissions, added costs for blending, and significant drops in power output. Fortunately there is a new and cost effective alternative for ammonia-based power generation, one that’s uniquely positioned to run off of 100% ammonia without any reductions in power or efficiency.

Precise reaction control, thanks to software-enabled technology, permits the Mainspring Linear Generator to manage fuel compression ratios and utilize a flameless low-temperature reaction for low emissions. Join us in this session to explore the mechanics of the Mainspring Linear Generator and learn about this exciting technology that’s currently solving problems for customers on both sides of the meter.