Ammonia, liquid sustainable energy for future


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Hans Vrijenhoef with many years of experience in green ammonia developments will address the topic that ammonia can be used as the carrier of green electricity from Arab world to Europe, Japan , Korea and many other countries, which are lacking natural gas or ammonia production or where ammonia costs are high. Using the green energy, Proton technology enables its clients/ partners to use based on their strategies options for import or export green ammonia, blue ammonia or byproduct ammonia in a safe and environmentally friendly way. After detailed studies and a mutual search for off-takers, Proton offers the skills to their clients to work on a full supply chain to transport green electrons in the form of (green) ammonia to the places where these electrons are required. Vrijenhoef will address the expected developments in near future leading to the lowest LCOA (lowest costs of Ammonia at a shore location) to be exported to the relevant import area’s, indicating the competitiveness of certain locations.