Ammonia Safety — Dealing with Risks of Ammonia


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Antea Group is a consultancy and engineering firm that operates internationally. We have 3,100 staff working all over the world. Antea Group combines strategic thinking, multidisciplinary and technical expertise and pragmatic actions. This enables us to provide effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges our clients are facing. We have offices in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

Department SAVE
The 40 specialist at the department SAVE are specialized in safety consulting. Ranging from industrial safety, safety management systems and industrial fire safety to advising the national governing agencies in matters of policy making with regards to external safety and fire safety. This broad field of expertise ensures that we are always looking for better and more efficient ways of doing risk assessment. We are continuously looking for ways to assure that the outcomes create an added value instead of only fulfilling only the regulatory rule.

Webinar content
In this webinar we would like to give an introduction in how to deal with the risks of storage, handling and transportation of ammonia. We will do this by give you insight in the step-by-step process of a quantitative risk assessment, showing risks in situations where no measures are present, and the effect of mitigating measures compared the starting risk level. As a final result we reach a situation with an acceptable risk level. In this situation we will give examples of how to deal with the unlikely event of an incident where ammonia is spilled: how to mitigate or reduce the effects to the environment. Finally we will explain the importance of safety management: how to inspect, maintain and manage the implemented measures.