Catalytic Membrane Reactor for H2-Production from Ammonia


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The ability to store massive amounts of dispatchable energy is key for the development of reliable and flexible energy systems, particularly under the new energy concept where large renewable power plants increasingly farther from end users will operate together with distributed wind and solar power plants.

Massive energy storage enables a wide set of features ranging from improved supply and demand adjustment, increased system reliability and decarbonization of energy intensive sectors including heating services, industry, and transport. Within this framework, green hydrogen outstands as a key solution to unleash the full potential of renewable energy sources to decarbonize energy applications in high consuming densely populated countries.

However, hydrogen transportation entails supply chain complexities, as compared to its transformation into hydrogen carriers. In this context, ammonia is a carbon-free dispatchable hydrogen carrier that allows large quantity and storage of renewable energy, and benefits from well-stablished standards and procedures for long-distance transportation developed over the latest 75 years.

In this context, H2SITE seeks to contribute to this vision by offering the highest efficiency ammonia cracking technology for distributed hydrogen applications with Pd-based membrane reactors.

H2SITE has developed and tested ammonia cracking technology that can decompose and separate fuel cell purity hydrogen simultaneously within the same vessel, increasing the hydrogen recovery factor and its energy efficiency at lower temperature compared to conventional systems.

H2SITE is currently completing the steps to reach TRL9 by 2022. This presentation outlines H2SITE’s product development roadmap for ammonia cracking, that includes applications for distributed power generation, hydrogen filling stations and maritime mobility. This presentation will also discusses market applications and key advantages.