Characteristics of Ammonia / N2 / O2 Laminar Premixed Flame in Oxygen-enriched Condition


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The problems of ammonia fuel are a low combustion qualities compared with the combustion qualities of hydrocarbon fossil fuels. In this study, the laminar burning velocity was used as the indicator of the combustion quality. Since the laminar burning velocity of ammonia fuel is low compared with that of other fossil fuels, it is necessary to increase the combustion quality in order to utilize the ammonia as an alternative fuel in conventional combustion systems. In this study, the oxygen-enriched combustion was applied to an ammonia/N2/O2 premixed flame for achieving higher burning velocity. The effects of the oxygen-enriched combustion on the laminar burning velocity and temperature of an ammonia/N2/O2 premixed flame were evaluated experimentally and numerically. Results showed that the laminar burning velocity was improved with increasing the O2 concentration. Also, the temperature at the reaction region of ammonia flame became 2170 K under O2 enriched condition (O2: 30%).